Cantine del Falco, Artiglio Salento, IGT 2009

Artiglio Salento Bianco IGT '09 One of the things I really like about wines, in general, is that often you’ ll  get rid of your own  prejudices . This wine really is a good example. I am not a big fan of oaked Chardonnays but this one, although it’s a blend and really oaky, surprised me that much I had to write about it..

It has a beautiful, intense golden color. You definitely smell the wood, no doubt about it.( 6 months of ageing in barriques) In the beginning I thought of just another overoaked white wine…, but after some time, you can smell lovely almonds, hints of vanilla and even some coconut, in a pleasant way. In your mouth, it’s has a velvety roundness, but also a nice acidity. It tastes like almonds, peaches and is easily drinkable, thanks to the nice acidity. And it sure has some ageing potential, I would love to try this wine again in let’s say, four more years.

But best of all, it is a nice wine to sit down with and relax, not too complicated, but just to enjoy! Its producer, Cantine del Falco is situated in the region of Lecce, Puglia, Italy.

This wine is made of 60 % Chardonnay and 40 % Verdeca. The last one is a local variety. Verdeca, also known as: Verdicchio femmina, Verdone, Verdisio, is being grown in Puglia and Campania. Both areas are relatively unknown here in Holland, except for some primitivo wines and a lost Greco di Tufo, you don’t see many of their wines here, unfortunately. Verdeca is mostly used in blends and to make Vermouth. If Verdeca is being used  in a single varietal wine, they say it shows delicate aromas. I did some internet  research, but haven’t find one yet. Would be interesting to taste a 100% Verdeca, anyone knows one, or tasted one?

 Available @Monegawijn  € 11,40


5 thoughts on “Cantine del Falco, Artiglio Salento, IGT 2009

  1. Hi, I live just few kilometers distant from Cantine De Falco! When I was a child my family used to bring our grapes there, at that period the winery was really different. Now it’s a great Salento wine reality

  2. Di vini in Puglia ce ne sono davvero tanti, posso senz’altro consigliarti alcune cantine da scoprire: Cantele, Taurino, Candido, Paolo Leo, Agricole Vallone, Cantine Santa Barbara, il Consorzio Produttori Vini di Manduria, Feudi di San Marzano, Tenute Rubino, Valle dell’Asso. Sono le mie preferite, offrono un buon panorama di vini a base di Negroamaro e Primitivo, i due vigneti simbolo del sud della Puglia (Salento). Ci sarebbero davvero altre piccole cantine da scoprire, anche consorzi e cantine sociali poco conosciute ma che fanno degli ottimi vini. Se vuoi scoprire il Negroamaro, vado più nelllo specifico, segnalando queste bottiglie:
    – Patriglione di Taurino (un po’ il simbolo)
    – Duca d’Aragona di Candido
    – Nero di Velluto di Feudi di Guagnano
    – Selva Rossa di Cantina due Palme

    Se capiti in zona, contattami pure così facciamo un giro per le cantine!! Un abbraccio,

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