Some whites have it all…

Clos Sainte Magdeleine Blanc, Cassis, 2009

I never tasted a wine from the AOC Cassis before and as I discovered last Friday, that’s a real shame.

The AOC Cassis, which dates from 1936  is situated between the sea and the mountains in the Provence-area. Twelve winegrowers share 180 hectares to make the Cassis wines. Eighty percent of the wines are white, the remainder, red and rosé wines. The white is well known as THE wine to go with “Bouillabaisse” the fish soup from Marseille.

The wine I drunk is from  Clos Sainte Magdelaine, who own 20 hectares,  all facing the Meditteranean Sea.

The blend  2009 exists of Marsanne 35%, Clairette 35%, Ugni Blanc 25% and Bourboulenc 5%. Generally you can say, Marsanne is being used for its roundness, Clairette and Bourboulenc for their aroma’s and Ugni Blanc for its acidity.

Well let’s forget about this, what really counts is that this really is a wine which has it all. Fennel, honey, abricot, mint are only a few of the aroma’s you will find in this wine. It’s creamy and fresh at the same time and last but not least, very drinkable. Let’s say that  complexity has never been so pleasant.

Maybe it was also the unusually hot weather in Holland in October, but while sipping this wine it wasn’t very hard to imagine myself sitting there watching, hearing and smelling the sea and okay, why not with a bowl of Bouillabaisse?